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Quins Pro

The best technique to display a DIN-A3 format homogeneously at high resolution. With a resolution of 600 dpi and 71.6 megapixels, you won't miss a thing. The specially developed LED lighting, with 2 double rows and 308 LEDs, illuminates without shadows. A luminous intensity of 1,600 candelas makes the lasered inscriptions on the ICs literally glow.

Technische details

Measurements (BxTxH)
693 x 504 x 323 mm

30 kg

Image unit
CCD Line scan camera (7.020 pixel/line)

Max. resolution
1.200 dpi

Effective pixel
286,4 Megapixel

Max. image size
432 x 300 mm

Max. assembly size
490 x 390 mm (drawer)

Throughput height
SMD layer 50 mm - 65 mm downwards
THT layer 60 mm - 55 mm downwards

Scan speed
3,8 ms/line (color)
1,3 ms/line (black and white)

Double rows of LED lighting with 308 LEDs

Light intensity
1.600 candela at 50 mm height

Power consumption
80 W (while scanning)

RJ45 and Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8260 Wi-Fi + BT 4.2

3,5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD

USB 2.0

Operating System
Windows 10, 64-bit Professional

Custom-made products possible on request
long, big, high, inline

Get started right away

All systems are ready for operation and fully equipped with a computer, touchscreen monitor, keyboard and mouse. (similar to illustration)

Even better

Quins Ultimate. The mobile all-in-one system.
Put together individually according to your needs.


Can be used flexibly where you need it.


You are connected to other workstations and / or a server via LAN or WIFI.


Depending on the purpose, you can choose the right equipment.


Use the simplicity of the Quins solutions for your success.

Associated software

Quins Easy

The patented alternating image inspection shows the reference and the test item alternately. By perfectly centering both images, only the differences, the errors, flash.


Quins View

Document and prove the impeccable quality that you deliver. Simple overview and access to all information on the tested assemblies. The finest traceability.


Quins Repair

Repair and log perfectly. Reference and error positions are displayed at a glance and the necessary component information is provided. Save time and gain security.

Quins Statistics

Optimize your processes on the basis of well-founded information. Maintain an overview with many selection and filter options, rounded off with error statistics and yield analysis of your production.

Quins Easy+

The perfect initial sample inspection based on placement data and placement plan, fully automatic or  manually. Avoid serial errors and produce successfully - thanks to Quins easy Plus.

Discover more models

You choose the right hardware component according to the intended use.
With or without UV, suitable for printed circuit boards.

Quins Pro UV

With additional UV illumination. Protect your employees from harmful UV radiation when testing the assembly coating.

Quins Pro PCB

For printed circuit boards. Perfect for layout inspection, outer layers, or foils.

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Would you like to operate your test system stationary or mobile in the company?

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