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Quins has been active in electronics manufacturing since 1992. Since 2000 we have developed and introduced the new hardware components for the Quins AOI systems. At the beginning of 2006 we started developing the inexpensive Quins easy inspection system. We have thus revolutionized component testing.

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How does this work?

You can simply check within 60 seconds. For this purpose, the reference image is automatically centered with the test object and displayed alternately. This way, errors can be found quick and easy.


How long does it take until the system is ready for use and set up?

The system is delivered ready to plug in. Connect all components, start computer and program. Done. The preparing is the scanning of a reference assembly and takes no more than 20-30 seconds. You can now start inspecting the assembly series.

What previous knowledge or training do I need?

No special training is required. Experience working with a PC is half the battle. After a one-hour online introduction via Quins support, you can use the software. Experience with manual visual inspection should be available.

Do I have to repair immediately if an error is found?

No you don't have to. You simply mark the fault position with the right mouse button. All information for the repair is automatically saved in the background. You can access these stored images and information at any time - either directly at the test station or at a separate repair station. All error markings are visible with the basic module Quins view. The repair is also documented with the optional Quins repair module.

Can I refute unjustified complaints?

Yes - very easy. All assembly pictures are archived with the test results. It is important for your assemblies to be clearly identified. In the basic module Quins view you select the corresponding assembly and either print the test report with a picture or copy the picture as a JPG file. In this way, you can easily prove the delivered quality.

How can I easily and clearly identify my assemblies?

The best solution is a barcode on each assembly. A simple number, which is only given once, is sufficient. This number is automatically assigned to the assembly type (project), version, order, batch number, etc. assigned when checking. The barcode can be applied anywhere, as it is individually read in with a USB hand scanner before the test. This is the simplest solution for perfect traceability.

Do I also receive information about the quality of my manufacturing process?

Yes, through the automatic entry in the Quins database. With the optional Quins statistics module, you receive detailed error statistics. With the many filter and selection options you can display a wide variety of evaluations. The "Yield" evaluation shows you an overview of all test results. Of course also filtered by year, month, day or hour.

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